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Unique Abstract Art Designed By Pedro Picasso.

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Pedro Picasso - Ambidextrous Dyslexic Unorthodox Abstract Artist. Sculptures, Drawings and Paintings.

I am constantly experimenting with floating paint on water and oil, melting wax and using gravity to let the creations slide around.

I am often using both hands at the same time with either a pen or a brush in each hand or whatever tools I grab at the time.

I do not normally plan a piece of art, especially drawing. I pick up a pen for each hand, they have a fight on the paper, I am just the spectator.

When I am sculpting, its both hands ON and I sit back and watch the creations grow.

With painting it is more about letting the colours go where they want, rather than try to force a painting out.

I definitely have my own style, my art is designed to let your imagination flood out.

There are many depths to sink into, the more you look, the more you see.

Therapeutic to view and there is always something different emerging into your vision each time you look.
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